Why do i write? And why you should too.

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One of the comments I get the most often is.

Why do you write? Or more precisely, what makes you qualified to write?

It’s hilarious really, as if one needs a certificate to write publicly. However, let me entertain this question for a second.

As per Apabagus,

“Jon baby.There is only one WB,same as one Bill Gates,same as one Jack Ma. You would do well to start as a mouse.One year plus experience talk so much.

This Amos biscuit is ok.Jon baby,dun say i dun put money in ur pocket.There is a book “Market Wizards”.Go read it.Then you will know how small you are.One year plus experience dun talk so much.hahaha.”

There are a few reasons why I write.


  • To crystalize my thoughts.

There is nothing better than writing it down on a piece of paper, to properly organize your thoughts and your thesis on an investment.

When you write, you have to think, arrange and elaborate, it really helps you think deeper on the topic.


  • To find out if I’m wrong.

There is a rule in Blackrock, when they have a meeting discussing investment or trading ideas. Leave your ego at the door, and everyone in the room must make a comment.

And here’s the kicker. You cannot agree with the person, you must disagree and point out all the weak points. That’s how they make sure they reduce mistakes.

One of the best ways to reduce mistakes is to invert. Want to succeed? Find out all the ways to fail and ignore them.

And on the internet, one of the best ways to get the right answer, is to give out your opinion in an arrogant manner. Or better yet, give the wrong answer! Hahaha

Contrary to popular belief, I am not trying to win the argument, nor am I trying to convince you.

It’s not to my financial benefit to have more value investors. I would rather everyone is like OTB, Icon8888, 500%TTT, FamousAmos and Ayoyo etc

If Kcchongnz says tomorrow he will start using TA and predicting quarters, I will go out and celebrate, and send a case of wine to New Zealand. Hahahaha

I would rather I be the only value investor in I3. This will ensure I will always have things to buy.

Whether or not you agree with me, is of zero use to me. I am only interested in finding out if I’m wrong.

I would much much much rather if you disagree with me. I agree with me, I don’t need you to agree with me.

The only way to prove all swans are white, is to find a black swan.

Sometimes, one can turn out to be very wrong and look like an arrogant fool.

I’d rather look like an arrogant fool in my writing, than to be an arrogant fool in my investment.

Personally, I’m really happy so many people disagree with me on JAKS, espeacially people whose opinion I respect. I’m studying further, but the lack of a strong argument backing up the disagreement is kind of irritating.

If ICON8888 made me look like an arrogant fool on Friday morning, I could have bought some half an hour later and make some money.

Instead, I have to spend a few more hours understanding the IPP industry, and the Vietnam economic structure, and governance.

Why do you think ICON only bought 1/3 of his ultimate position in Jaks, and that I only bought a 2% position in Layhong? We have no idea beyond a good feeling and a rough understanding!


  • To meet new people or investors.

You think I’m doing this for free meh, hahahaha.

How do you meet new people? You take the initial risk of rejection and introduce yourself. How do you get a new friend? You take the initial risk of sharing more about yourself, and see if he reciprocate. Etc etc.

Writing my posts, allow me to take the risk en masse. And because of this, I’ve met quite a few people. Some are traders, some investors, some are brilliant, and all of them good people.

They all taught me something, whether investing or other areas in life.

And all of them I would not have met otherwise. My life would be less rich without them.

I do my best to be intellectually honest and super clear about my thinking and investment philosophy, and in terms of my fund, it has paid off with the addition of a few new investors.

All of them have already read most of my posts, saving me the three hours or so I would otherwise need to have new investors properly understand my philosophy.

And we can just talk, shoot the wind, and discuss the current picks, instead of me giving a talk on value investing and my philosophy for 3 hours.



I expect to continue writing for the foreseeable future.

And to the people who constantly doubt or disagree with me. Thank you.

Even if you’re slanderous, or lashing out due to a hurt ego, i’m fine with it, and would encourage further comments. Occasionally, one of you say something interesting, and that makes sifting through all the bullshit worth it.

I can be found on facebook at the same name. Hit me up if you want to speak more.

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