Learn Investing the Hard (but Cheap!) Way

Yeap. You got that right.

This is blank for now. So in the meantime.

Kindly imagine a series of post in numerical order, by topic, that a person who has no idea about money, finance, much less investing, will find incredibly useful.

And upon completion, now possesses the mental models, thought process and investment knowledge needed to process, identify and value an investment, regardless of asset class.

Its a high order.

Why the hard way? Firstly, by “Hard”, i don’t mean complex or that it requires the same mind required by rocket science.

Investing is simple, but hard. It requires work. And there are no easy way or shortcuts to obtaining the mindset you need. Take a shortcut, and you will pay for it down the line.

At best, only a path that won’t result in you getting bankrupt can be provided. You still need to walk it, every step of the way.

Feel free to wander off now and then though.

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