About Us

Choivo Capital was officially in order to manage my own investments. Over time, it expanded to include the capital of friends and family.

It was on 29th December 2017 that i started posting some of my thoughts on the market at this website called I3Investor, a website that is relatively popular among Malaysian investors.

Our original postings are located here.

I3Investor Postings

So what are we? To be short, we are a long only, absolute value, low leverage investment fund. For more information, visit the Fund Information page.

On occasion, we may write some of our thoughts on the market, and every now and then, some of our investment ideas. You can find these in the “Homepage.

I hope you find as much value in reading it, as i did writing it.

Email: choivocapital@gmail.com
Facebook: Choivo Capital
Telegram: https://t.me/Choivo_Capital

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